The Secret Circle:Топ 10 на най-добрите реплики от еп. 12 „Witness“

blank10.Итън към Доун (за Чарлз): “He was a bully back then and he still is.”

9.Адам към Джейк: “There’s a council of witch hunters? Are you their mascot?”

8.Джейк: “Her brain’s telling her she’s really in the fire!”

7.Калъм: “Not a fan of masks?”

Фей:“Not since Halloween.”

Калъм:“We all wear masks every day.”

6.Джейк към Каси: “I’m here to save your life.”

5.Итън към Чарлз: I’m sober as a church mouse, Charles.”

4.Адам към Каси: “Diana said you were here, she didn’t mention you brought along your pet psychopath.”

3.Калъм:“Tell me if you develop anymore needs.”

Фей:“Don’t hold your breath.”

2.Калъм: “Get us some beers from the house.”

Фей:“Do I look like a waitress? Get it yourself.”

1.Джейк към Адам: “Don’t you usually have a different girlfriend?”

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